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About Us

Inspired by natüre and passion, we create shoes to underline each woman’s individuality and emphasize her natural style.

Endless Collection tells the story of confident women.Our shoes have as much as attention to detail as the multifaceted wishes of our female customers. We are convinced that sustainability and fashion must complement each other.

Endless Collection philosophy has always been to provide not just a better product, but the best people can buy. We produce high quality leisure products that not only look good, but enhance the wearer's lifestyle.

Aksulu/Endless Shoe Company is in shoe sector since 1959.Its headquarter is in Bursa/TURKEY.The Company has a big and wide trade link in Republic of Turkey.The company have started export in 1998 by Endless Collection.

Therefore, we combine innovation with the highest demands in design, quality and fitting. Our mission is the desire to work according to sustainable development.Sustainable working methods in production as well as responsibility towards our customers and employees are the most important responsibility for us.

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